Top Upcoming PC Games for 2019

Video games can draw all sorts of emotions and situations for players with their deep narrative storyline and theatrics. We are all thrilled to see what the future of video games holds. If you are a PC gamer and looking forward to keeping tabs on the upcoming PC games, then you need to look no further. We have worked hard to compile a list of the most promising video games that are set to launch in 2019. We shall without doubt update this list frequently so be sure to check with us for future descriptions and titles.



The new Anthem game is mostly a real answer to Destiny. It involves a shared-world shooter whose aim is to immerse players in a vast sci-fi universe fully. As a freelancer, you play engaging in a third person with mass-effect style shootouts, as you set yourself fully armored with a javelin exosuit. The suit helps you to explore and exterminate within some gigantic alien biomes. The Anthem game will be huge and will upgrade on all the microtransaction issues and controversy that surrounded the Star Wars Battlefront 2.


Metro Exodus

In the criminally less appreciated post-apocalyptic FPS series, we have the Metro Exodus game. The game transports you to the irradiated ruins of modern civilization as you teem with the mutated animal. In this game, you play as a hardened survivor while slowly making your way across Russia navigating a very harsh nuclear winter. You also fed off gigantic rats in an abandoned subway tunnel, and you also scavenge for supplies topside. Be sure to keep a close eye on radioactive bears that could jump on you without mercy.


Shenmue 3

One of the significant drawbacks of Shenmue series games is that they have not experienced substantial commercial success. However, due to Kickstarter and money generated by hard-hardened supported, the series can boast of some life. The Shenmue 3 game takes you to assume the role of a martial artist by the name Ryo Hazuki and the character attempts to uncover the person responsible for his father’s death. As a player, your combat skills will be highly needed as you take on enemies in hand-to-hand combat and explore a world full of shops, villages and an active populous.



More than $2 million was raised in 2015 for the most anticipated indivisible game. The game features beautifully animated visuals and inventive combat mechanics to match its captivating presentation. Indivisible is made by Lab Zero Games, a studio that has seen other equally exciting games such as Skullgirls. While exploring the 2.5D forests, tombs, and temples, you will call the use of your acrobatic skills and abilities to wilder these dense areas and recruit your party members, called incarnations.


Skull and Bones

The skull and Bones game would be an ideal choice for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is set to have players take a more realistic role in pirate battles on high seas. The game is being developed by much the same team as those behind Black Flag and promises you a tough campaign as you work to take control over the 18th-century waters in the Indian Ocean.


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