Ways to Manage your Kid’s Social Media Usage

Kid's social media usageParenting today is much more complicated than it used to be a decade ago, due to advances in technology. Children and teens have valid reasons to go online, but if their activities are not controlled, it can turn out to be a colossal disaster. The internet is a fantastic educational tool that your kids can use to support their learning. However, the online world has its dark side. As a parent, your sole responsibility is to protect your child from all dangers the online world presents.

New social media platforms are emerging every day with access to not favorable content becoming more accessible than ever. As a parent, it is nearly impossible to monitor everything your kid does online. However, there are critical steps you can do to minimize the effect of the dangers internet poses to your children. Here is what you can do;

Screen time

The biggest concern for your children is the quality and the amount of screen time they have access to. There is a big debate between interactive or constructive screen time and passive screen time. Passive screen time is the time spend staring at TV programs, watching movies and games. Constructive screen time is time spent by kids designing apps, developing websites, coding, writing digital music among others.  To control your kids screen time, talk to them about what they are doing and help them find the right balance. Encourage them to take breaks and try many other things.

Internet Access

Once your kids gain more access to the internet, things begin to get interesting. As a parent, you have to be more concerned about what they are seeing online or reading, and the effect this content they are getting exposed to have on their behavioural patterns. The critical question here lies on how to keep them from accessing undesirable content. You can use internet filters and secure web browsers for young kids. Draft an agreement about what is considered acceptable and what is not. Teach your kids safe browsing habits and what to download and avoid.

Mobile Devices

Once your kids start enjoying a decent amount of independence, be it walking home from school, enjoying the weekend on their own, etc., it’s time to think about getting them a cell phone. At this point, many kids already have tablets. Giving them mobile phones becomes a whole new issue to deal with regarding monitoring their activities. To control their internet usage, collect all devices and turn them off before they retire to bed. Help your kids understand all the dangers associated with sexting and cyberbullying. You can start giving your kids simple phones that have no data and weighing on what to add as time moves on.

Top Upcoming PC Games for 2019

Video games can draw all sorts of emotions and situations for players with their deep narrative storyline and theatrics. We are all thrilled to see what the future of video games holds. If you are a PC gamer and looking forward to keeping tabs on the upcoming PC games, then you need to look no further. We have worked hard to compile a list of the most promising video games that are set to launch in 2019. We shall without doubt update this list frequently so be sure to check with us for future descriptions and titles.



The new Anthem game is mostly a real answer to Destiny. It involves a shared-world shooter whose aim is to immerse players in a vast sci-fi universe fully. As a freelancer, you play engaging in a third person with mass-effect style shootouts, as you set yourself fully armored with a javelin exosuit. The suit helps you to explore and exterminate within some gigantic alien biomes. The Anthem game will be huge and will upgrade on all the microtransaction issues and controversy that surrounded the Star Wars Battlefront 2.


Metro Exodus

In the criminally less appreciated post-apocalyptic FPS series, we have the Metro Exodus game. The game transports you to the irradiated ruins of modern civilization as you teem with the mutated animal. In this game, you play as a hardened survivor while slowly making your way across Russia navigating a very harsh nuclear winter. You also fed off gigantic rats in an abandoned subway tunnel, and you also scavenge for supplies topside. Be sure to keep a close eye on radioactive bears that could jump on you without mercy.


Shenmue 3

One of the significant drawbacks of Shenmue series games is that they have not experienced substantial commercial success. However, due to Kickstarter and money generated by hard-hardened supported, the series can boast of some life. The Shenmue 3 game takes you to assume the role of a martial artist by the name Ryo Hazuki and the character attempts to uncover the person responsible for his father’s death. As a player, your combat skills will be highly needed as you take on enemies in hand-to-hand combat and explore a world full of shops, villages and an active populous.



More than $2 million was raised in 2015 for the most anticipated indivisible game. The game features beautifully animated visuals and inventive combat mechanics to match its captivating presentation. Indivisible is made by Lab Zero Games, a studio that has seen other equally exciting games such as Skullgirls. While exploring the 2.5D forests, tombs, and temples, you will call the use of your acrobatic skills and abilities to wilder these dense areas and recruit your party members, called incarnations.


Skull and Bones

The skull and Bones game would be an ideal choice for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is set to have players take a more realistic role in pirate battles on high seas. The game is being developed by much the same team as those behind Black Flag and promises you a tough campaign as you work to take control over the 18th-century waters in the Indian Ocean.


Best Free Games for Your PC

File:StarCraft 2 Stage BlizzCon 2014.jpgThey normally that the best things in life are not free, but when it comes to the best free games, that statement is entirely not true. There are plenty of great games that you can get without spending a dollar on them, thanks to the occasional freebie and runaway popularity of free-to-play games. The free-to-play PC games are now releasing at a very fast speed, and with the release comes both pros and cons.

Regardless of your specific taste, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars for your entertainment. Because gaming can be very pricey, we have compiled some of PC’s best free games. Here are some of these free games;



The StarCraft game was released two decades ago and is available from the Blizzard store. Blizzard now offers its strategy opera free of charge. The free bundle will also bring you the Brood War’s expansive version of campaigns, units, and tilesets until to yearn to go for an upgrade. StarCraft is one of the longest-serving games on the esport circuit.


Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds has long been attracting huge admiration for a couple of years now, although it has not yet been released as a full game. The game has already won two IGF awards including the coveted Seumas McNally Grand Prize. It is a delightful space exploration game that drops users in a little solar system that is stuck in a time loop and then leaves you to choose what to do with that time. Gamers can hoop from planet to planet before discovering that trying to land on the sun is a bad idea. The game is full of little surprises and mysterious covers.



Off-Peak is just like visiting a scrapbook that is made from a jazz fusion dream. It has a strange but brilliant space that is furnished with all manners of oddities. There is a former viola player who’s key character is to treat his ramen counter as a string section. There is also a whale that is literally hanging in the main space, dwarfing everything else as games steal pizza slices far below.


A Raven Monologue

It will take you a short time to play this textless tale than it will probably take me to explain all that this game is about. The game is all about a tiny storybook of a raven interacting with villagers while bittersweet song loops. It would be easier to think of a Raven Monologue as a short and sharp burst of emotions. As a gamer, your only interaction involves moving back and forth between wonderfully illustrated panels and puzzling out your own interpretations of events.

Dog of Dracula

The Dog of Dracula game’s setting is based on a condiment prohibition of a now-overthrown tyrant and the world that is now largely jacked into the cyberbahn. This game will take the gamer into the seamless, neon world of Nuevo Tokyo. As you follow the story involving a friendship gone awry, and link into a little pup in a Dracula cape who is wearing a green Mohican surrounded by a range of cyber implants. Your orange-suited avatar has the ability to peer at USB ramen before entering into a dive bar that is containing pastries of easy virtue.