Common Ways Kids Get Exposed to Cyber Bullying

cyber bullyingThe world continues to become smaller by the day and more connected due to advances in technology. We are living in a digital edge that is fueled by the Internet. Today, due to the availability of the internet, communication, transacting and starting businesses such as becomes more comfortable by the day. Irrespective of the massive advantages that the internet offers to use, there are significant disadvantages it still presents. One of these vice issues brought about by internet is cyberbullying.

Understanding Cyber Bullying

Bullying, be it traditional or cyber causes a significant psychological or emotional distress to the affected. Cyberbullying refers to the use of technology to harass, embarrass, threaten or target another person. It is easy to spot this harassment which may be sent in the form of a tweet, post or text. Some other times, it can be abstracted from the victim. Due to the internet usage of kids, they are more prone to the dangers of cyberbullying. Kids as victims of cyberbullying experience fear, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression if they get abused.

Cyber bullying occurs in one of the following ways;


stop cyberbullyingHarassment is a form of abuse that involves the bully sending some disgusting and offensive or threatening messages via social media to their target. The victim may also link up with others to form multiple people all ganging up to send thousands of messages to the victim at once. Imagine a victim receiving repeated and unpleasant messages every hour with some being threatening? It can turn out to be quite disgusting and humiliating.


Impersonation occurs when someone creates a fake profile using another person’s name. It can also happen when they hack into the victim’s personal account and use it for their own good. The cyberbully may pretend to be the victim all with the sole aim of tarnishing the reputation of the victim. The bully may step forward to send messages that may provoke other internet users to attack the victim.


Flaming comes from flame wars which involve the repeated exchange or harsh, angry and rude messages between individuals. During such times, online fights may break out in public places such as forums. Kids will at all times be kids. They will always argue over small matters but equally, make time for each other. However, their anger may go out of hand with small arguments escalating into serious cyberbullying.